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Neon Adejo- Another Glamorous Nigerian Masculine Gospel Singer.

Neon Adejo, as he is known as one who delivers inspirational and spirit filled messages through his music in the genres of Contemporary worship and contemporary gospel. Neon Adejo, originally called Neon Adejo Yunisa, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter noted for his hit song, Eze Ebube.

Early Life

Neon Adejo was born on 24, October in Kiyoyi, Lagos State, in Nigeria. He was born into a Muslim family of six children in which he places first.

He attended the Kogi State University in Nigeria where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Relations.

Music Career

Adejo later converted to Christianity. He started singing at an early age of thirteen but began his ministry officially in the year 2013.


Nothing but the gospel in 2022.

Songs of Gratitude in 2021.

Tell the world in 2020.


Take it away in 2018.

Chinecherem in 2019.

Onyenemema in 2020.

Amen in 2021.

Eze Ebube in 2021.

Eze Ebube II in 2022.

Neon Adejo has won several awards including:

Songwriter of the year.

Best Inspirational Single.

Neon Adejo has set an inerasable pace in the music artistry,talk of music within the African music scene and globally.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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