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“Broken-heart” forced me to compose “Survivor”- Wendy Shay

“Broken-heart” forced me to compose “Survivor”- Wendy Shay

“Broken-heart” forced me to compose “Survivor”- Wendy Shay

Celebrated Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has disclosed that she was broken-hearted some time ago, which compelled her to compose her “Survivor” song.
Wendy Shay told Empress Gifty on UTV’s ‘UCook With Empress Gifty’, where she detailed what a broken-hearted individual can do.
“As for the heartbreak, everyone will experience it. My last one resulted in my ‘Survivor’ song. Heartbreak doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary person,” Wendy stated.
When quizzed on what actually led to the unfortunate incidence, Wendy revealed that her busy schedules and dynamic lifestyles were all the causes of her breakups.
“Relationships require hard work. Many people think it is easy, but it needs work. You need to have time and attention for your partner and all that.

“If you have a busy schedule like me, if you’re not careful, and if you don’t have time to balance the work, all your hard work will go to waste,” Shay anchored.
Wendy also made it known that for now she is single and free, and the unexpected ruin of the relationship forced her to write down her “Survivor” song.
“For now, I’m enjoying life. I’m very free, and I’m single. I have time to focus on myself.

“And the song that came out of it did really well. ‘Survivor’ is one of the biggest Ghanaian songs in South Africa right now,” she said.
Wendy’s “Survivor” was released in 2022 and was produced by MOG Beatz, which made great progress and trended on many music platforms.
Wendy Shay was recently in the news for having parted ways with her record label, RuffTown Records, and she has now reconciled with Bullet and resumed work.


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