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I have not reached the level of  “Fante” singing legends - Kofi Kinaata

I have not reached the level of  “Fante” singing legends – Kofi Kinaata

I have not reached the level of  “Fante” singing legends - Kofi Kinaata

Kofi Kinaata has given his greatest respect and gratitude to the veteran “Fante” artists for their everlasting work in the Ghanaian music industry.

Born Martin King Arthur, but widely known as Kofi Kinaata, is a sensational Takoradi-based singer and rapper who has always produced great songs for the consumption of Ghanaians. In an interview with Amansan Krakye, Kofi Kinaata hailed the “Fante” music legends for their evergreen songs and also revealed he is not yet near the legacy set by the likes of Ebo Taylor, Papa Yankson, and others.

Kofi Kinaata acknowledged the fact that, with time, he will also be there, but he disclosed that he highly respects the works done by these great artists and strongly believes they have done everything in music.

He opened up by saying that the level some of these legends in music attained cannot be achieved by the current generation; it is just their time to showcase their talent to the world.

“What the likes of Ebo Taylor and the legendary veterans have done in the Ghanaian music scene, some of us in the current generation cannot do.

“It’s just that now it’s our time to do our own thing and play our part, so we continue holding on until a lot of people also get involved,” he stated.

Kofi Kinaata also stressed the fact that the songs produced by these legends are evergreen, and as of today, when he hears some of their songs, he feels they have done everything in music.

“But to be sincere, what the legendary musicians like Paapa Yankson, Pat Thomas, and the rest have done and the kind of songs they created are evergreen.

“Even today, when I hear some of the songs that Paapa Yankson did, I tell myself that these legends have already done everything in the music scene,” he added.

Kofi Kinaata appreciated the fact that people also feel he is also holding on to the fancy legacy, “I’m glad that people feel that I’m holding on to the Fante legacy in the music space, but I’ve got nothing on them to continue what the legends did,” he concluded.

Kofi Kinaata’s “Effiakuma Love” won the Best Reggae/Dancehall song of the Year the 2024 Telecel Ghana Music Awards and he looks forward to breaking many grounds with his music.


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