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Winky D- The Voice of Zimbabwe

Winky D, popularly known as, The Big Man, or better pronounced, De Big Man, is a Zimbabwean reggae/dancehall artist often considered the Zimdancehall pioneer and one of the most accomplished modern Zimbabwean artists.

Winky D has signed to the Black lab Records and Vigilance Music for the genres of Dancehall, Reggae and Zimdancehall portraying to the world social commentary about Zimbabwean society.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Venturing into the music world as a result of his immense adoration for music, Winky D began showcasing his music at various small scale concerts and events. At the age of sixteen, he participated in the Ghetto Lane Clashes, a series of DJ battles aimed at exposing up and coming artists to the world. As time went on, he earned the name Wicked Deejay, which was eventually shortened to Winky D.

In recent times, Winky D has shifted his interest to Gospel music and is an advocate against drug addiction.

In 2023, he launched his studio album, Eureka Eureka. Songs from this album such as Ibitso and Dzimba Dzimabwe, spoke of social ills in the Zimbabwean society which was responded by a pressure group affiliated with the Zanu-PF, which called for the banning of his song. Again, in March, the same year, the Zimbabwean police shut down a Winky D concert in Chitungwiza just when he began singing the Ibitso song.

Controversies and Feuds

Previously, Winky D, had beefs with the popular dancehall artists like Badman and Daddy D, which led to their battling back and forth lyrically. Winky emerged victor and became the most popular Zim-dancehall act.

Winky D, alongside The General and Sniper Storm, were scheduled to perform as opening acts for Mavado.

Later Winky D, called for peace among the Zim-dancehall artists through interviews and his songs, taking the position of a peace maker.


  • War
  • The Devotee
  • Igofigo- The Unthinkable
  • Pa kitchen
  • Life Yangu
  • Gafa Life Kickstape
  • Gafa Futi
  • Njema
  • Eureka


  • Best Male Artist in 2022.
  • Peoples Choice Award in 2020.
  • Best Dancehall Artist in 2020.
  • Best African Dancehall Entertainer
  • Best Album (Njema)

Winky D, is indeed an exemplary figure and one who is regarded as a mentor for many Zimbabwean youths. This is by virtue of the fact that he seeks to expose any societal retrogressive factor in society such as corruption through his songs and is also a peace advocate.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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