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Alte- Redefining Music and Lifestyle

Young people became aware of a dynamic and fascinating cultural movement thanks to the colourful words of Teezee, Odunsi the Engine and Cruel Santino. Starting off as a movement of rebellion, it has gained widespread acceptance as a reaction to conventional ways of thinking. Later its genre-defying musical style won it widespread recognition. The youth in Nigeria are bravely showcasing their individual identities on social media by using all available means of self-expression. Together, they did whatever piqued their curiosity at the beginning of alte.

Alternative R&B, dancehall, hip hop, reggae, and afrobeats are all combined in the music genre known as alte. The Nigerian music group DRB LasGidi is credited with coining the term “individualistic and non-traditional modes of self expression” through music and fashion which was first used in 2010.

Items recognized belonging to this music genre aid in identification, and character development, distinguishing it from all other genres. These consist of:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Synthesiser
  • Keyboard
  • Drum machine
  • Drum
  • Vocals
  • Acoustic guitar

Fashion, arts and music

A more customized critique of music along with criticism of fashion and style in general, is what is meant by the word alternative, or better addressed as alte. Alte speaks of a world with total liberty, no conformity to societal rules and living according to one’s own expense. The term alte also designates a substitute and is connected to multiple perspective on the topics being addressed.

Artists Involved in alte

  • Lady Donli
  • Ayra Starr
  • Ckay
  • GMK
  • Teezee
  • Johnny Drille
  • BOJ
  • Tay Iwar
  • Tomi Agape
  • Cruel Santino
  • Wavy The Creator
  • Odunsi the Engine
  • Show Dem Camp
  • Amaarae

Challenges Encountered in the Entertainment Sector

Like every other genre of music, alte has had its share of struggles in the entertainment industry. A few musicians in this category have been excluded from the mainstream music scene. They have faced harassment online for their unconventional clothing choices and have been turned down from popular award shows. While many efforts have been made to record and publicize the shift, have a look at Native magazine. This innovative company hosts a creative and clothing show with alt musicians and other artists as featured headliner.

Alte is anticipated to experience even greater transformations in the arts, fashion, and music over the coming years as its fan base grows exponentially.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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