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Perez Musik: Ghana’s Versatile Gospel Artiste and Urban Gospel Trailblazer

Perez Musik, born on May 19, 1988, as Perry Antwi, is a versatile Ghanaian gospel artiste who has carved a distinctive niche in the urban gospel music scene. Known for his dynamic style, impactful lyrics, and dedication to spreading the Christian message through music, Perez Musik has become a trailblazer in redefining the boundaries of gospel music.

Entry Into Music

Perez Musik’s journey into music began at an early age, influenced by his Christian upbringing and exposure to diverse musical genres. Growing up in a home where music was valued, he developed a passion for both traditional and contemporary sounds, laying the foundation for his eclectic approach to gospel music.

Perez Musik has been a pioneer in the urban gospel movement in Ghana. Embracing modern beats, hip-hop elements, and contemporary production, he brought a fresh and youthful energy to the gospel music scene. His willingness to blend various musical styles has appealed to a younger audience and expanded the reach of gospel music.

Perez Musik gained prominence with his debut single, “For Your Good,” released in 2012. The song, with its urban contemporary feel, quickly garnered attention and set the stage for Perez’s unique contribution to the gospel music landscape.


Perez Musik’s discography is marked by hit songs that seamlessly blend gospel messages with contemporary sounds. Tracks like “Purge Me,” “Under,” and “Your Grace” have not only gained popularity among gospel music enthusiasts but have also resonated with a broader audience. His albums, including “It Is Possible” and “Kingdom Experience,” showcase his versatility and commitment to musical excellence.

Musical Collaborations

Perez Musik has collaborated with fellow artists within and outside the gospel music genre, contributing his distinct voice and style to collaborative projects. His impact on the industry has been felt not only through his music but also through his role in shaping the evolving landscape of urban gospel in Ghana.

Perez Musik is known for his innovative approach to music videos. His visual storytelling and creative direction in videos complement the messages in his songs, making them not only auditory experiences but also visually engaging narratives.

Gospel Ministry

Beyond his music career, Perez Musik is actively involved in ministry, using his platform to inspire and impact lives positively. His dedication to spreading the Christian message extends to motivational speaking, mentoring, and engaging with youth audiences.

Perez Musik has ventured into entrepreneurship and branding, aligning his personal brand with various products and initiatives. His business endeavors reflect a holistic approach to using his influence for positive impact within and beyond the music industry.


Perez Musik continues to be a force in the urban gospel music scene. His legacy is defined not only by his musical contributions but also by his role in shaping the trajectory of gospel music for a new generation. Perez Musik remains committed to innovation, using his creativity to inspire and uplift through his music.

Perez Musik’s journey from a young enthusiast with a passion for diverse musical genres to a trailblazing urban gospel artist illustrates the evolving nature of gospel music in Ghana. His commitment to innovation and relevance positions him as a dynamic force in the ongoing narrative of gospel music’s impact on contemporary culture.

written by Felix Kwasi Annan

edited by Ruth Ama Onumah


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