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Jua Cali- An Entertaining Rockstar

Paul Julius Nnuda, better recognized as Jua Cali is an infamous rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer hailing from Kenya. He delivers his musical sensation to the world in the genres of Genge and Hip Hop under Calif Record Label, a record label formed together with his childhood friend Clemo.

Early Life and Musical Journey

Born in East East lands, Nairobi, to his parents Mr. Evans Onditi and Mrs. Doreen Onditi, who were both schoolteachers, he was raised in a strict Catholic home in California Estate to the east of Nairobi. He started rapping at an early age of 10 and received positive feedback from his elder brother, Christopher Sati. Growing up he was an introvert and was hardly seen socializing.


Commencing his educational journey he attended Ainsworth Primary School and continued to Shepherds Junior Buruburu. He later proceeded to Kenya Christian Industrial Technical Institute where he received a diploma in Information Technology. At the institute he joined the Basketball Team seeking to make it in Kenyan National Basketball Team. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it due to his height but was later signed into a musical group, Sita Futi which disbanded after some time. He later met his childhood friend Clemo, who he teamed up with towards the formation of the Calif, the aforementioned record label and the music genre, Genge. This record label boasts of successful and popular artists ithe Kenyan musical artistry.


His stage name “Jua“, translates to “know” in Swahili and Cali due to the fact that he was raised in California an estate in Nairobi. His name literally translates, “Know California“. It also resembles Juan Kali, which means “Fierce Sun“, which refers to the state of Kenya’s economy.

His first recorded track, “Ruka” was recorded and released in 2001, followed by “Nipe Asali” the next year. In 2004, he collaborated with Pilipili on the track “Kamata Dame” . He has toured the US including some other countries in Africa and beyond.



  • JuacaliSekta
  • Ngeli Ya Genge
  • TuGenge Yajayo
  • Mali Ya Umma

Awards and Accolades

  • Boomba Male during the 2006 Kisima Music Awards
  • Best Male and Celebrity of the Year during the 2007 Chaguo La Tenniez Awards
  • Best Male Artist (Kenya) during the 2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards
  • Favourite Male Artist and Best Live Stage Performance during the 2008 Chaguo La Tenniez Awards



Aside a talented artist he is commercially alive due to his appeal to his audience at large. He was the first Kenyan artist to sign a 1 million yearly deal giant Motorola for its W model as a result of his creativity, style and innovation.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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