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Otile Brown: Kenya’s Tempting Music Personality

Born Jacob Obunga, widely acknowledged as Otile Brown, is a charming personality with great tunes and vibrant energy showcasing a distinctive flair in the Kenyan musical scene.

Otile Brown is an independent Kenyan R&B singer, songwriter, guitarist as well as an actor. He conveys his music to the world in the genres of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop and Afrobeats showcasing his dynamism and originality to his vast audience.

Early Life and Musical Genesis

Born on March 21 , 1994, in Kisumu and raised in Miritini, Mombasa into a family of four children of which he is the youngest, the hitmaker of “Alivyonipenda” traces his roots in Luo Nyanza. However, he grew up in Mombasa hence his eloquence in Swahili. He started writing songs at age 13 due to his immense love for music.

Musical Career

His collaboration with different artists prove his versatility and ingenuity as an evolving artist. He has collaborated with different artists hailing from different parts of the world including artists in Kenya and Tanzania, showcasing his orchestral lyricism with touches of phantasy that keep him endeared in the hearts of many.



Best of Otile Brown

  • Regina
  • Dede
  • Hit & Run
  • Vibe
  • Leila ft Kidum
  • Kosea
  • Umedamshi
  • Dusuma ft Meddy
  • Watoto Na Pombe ft Mejja
  • Zaida Yako
  • Pretty Girl

Awards and Accolades

Since the commencement of his career, he has been nominated for several awards including East Africa Song of the Year, Male Video of the Year among others. He received the “Male Video of the Year” at Pulse Music Awards for his single “Baby Love“.

Personal Life

Otile Brown is known for his affair with Vera Sidika, a Kenyan socialite, but the relationship tore apart in 2018.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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