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Daughters of Glorious Jesus: Ghana’s Iconic Gospel Music Trio

Harmony, Anointed Lyrics, and Spiritual Impact

Daughters of Glorious Jesus, the iconic gospel music trio, have left an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene since their formation in 1987. Comprising Cynthia Appiadu, Monica Owusu Ansah, and Edna Sarpong, the group is celebrated for their harmonious vocals, anointed lyrics, and profound spiritual impact on listeners.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus, often referred to as “The Sisters,” came together with a shared vision of using music as a vessel to spread the Christian message of hope, love, and salvation. The trio’s musical journey began in the 1980s, a period when gospel music was undergoing significant transformation in Ghana.


In 1990, Daughters of Glorious Jesus released their debut album, “Anwanwa Do.” The album was an instant success, catapulting the group into the limelight and establishing them as a formidable force in Ghana’s gospel music scene. The harmonious blend of their voices and the anointed messages embedded in their songs resonated with a wide audience.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus’ discography is a treasure trove of timeless hits and albums. Songs like “Mebo Wo Din Daa,” “Asomdwoe Hene,” and “Tumi Wo Mu” have become classics, transcending generations. The group’s ability to infuse traditional Ghanaian rhythms with contemporary gospel sounds has contributed to their enduring appeal. Their albums, including “Aseda Nwom,” “Yesu Mo,” and “Nea Ye Boe,” are celebrated not only for their musical excellence but also for the spiritual depth that characterizes each track.

Uniqueness and Recognition

One of the defining features of Daughters of Glorious Jesus is their unparalleled harmony. The trio’s voices blend seamlessly, creating a musical tapestry that elevates their worship and praise songs. Their commitment to vocal excellence has set a standard for gospel music in Ghana.

Beyond their musical accomplishments, Daughters of Glorious Jesus are recognized for their impactful ministry. Their songs have been a source of solace, encouragement, and inspiration to many, fostering a deeper connection to spirituality. Their concerts and live performances are not just musical events but also spiritual experiences that draw worshippers from diverse backgrounds.

Contribution to Gospel Music and Ministry

Daughters of Glorious Jesus have not only shaped the gospel music landscape but have also contributed to the cultural identity of Ghana. Their incorporation of indigenous sounds and languages in their music reflects a commitment to preserving and celebrating Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

The trio’s contributions to gospel music have been acknowledged with numerous awards and honors. Their impact on the music industry and their dedication to ministry have earned them respect and acclaim both in Ghana and beyond.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus continue to be active in their ministry. Their legacy is not only measured by the success of their albums and the awards they’ve received but also by the countless lives touched by their music. The trio remains committed to spreading the gospel through their unique musical expressions.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus stand as a testament to the transformative power of gospel music. Their harmonious melodies, anointed lyrics, and unwavering commitment to ministry have solidified their place as legends in Ghanaian music, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to shape the worship experience for many.

written by Felix Kwasi Annan

edited by Ruth Ama Onumah


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