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Nigerian Female Artists

Feminine Figures In The Nigerian Music Frame.

The Nigerian music industry is greatly endowed to have feminine figures that convey the country and it’s inhabitants as a whole at a priceless cost by competing with their male counterparts and other manly personalities in the worldwide music scene….

Di’ja- Another Mind-Blowing Unmanly Personality.

Di’ja as known professionally is by birth known as Hadiza Blell, (now Hadiza Blell- Olo). With her ingenuity and poise nature with touches of positively driven spirit, she is among Nigeria’s impactful female personality in the music artistry. She is…

Ayra Starr- A Pulchritude and Mesmerizing Effeminate In The Nigerian Music Scene.

Through music, it is obvious that her lyricism shows her undiluted thoughts about the world and all other social inclusions without understating any notoriety in society but pours them out as pin-pointed as it could be, though raw, seeks to…