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South African Female Artists

Elaine- South Africa’s Appealing Serenader

Nndivhuwo Elaine Mukheli, monomously pronounced in the South African music industry as Elaine, is an appealing singer and songwriter ferrying her music to the world in the genres of R&B, and Neo- Soul with amazingly crafted dictions to connect to…

Sha Sha- An Exquisite and Polished Zimbabwean -born South African Artist.

Hailed by many as the Queen of Amapiano, this lass has indeed made a very huge mark in the music artistry by collaborating with other artists like producers in order to bring out the genre, amapiano in a better style….

Simphiwe Dana- Another Enthusiastic South African Singer.

Simphiwe Adane, is a South African singer and Songwriter showcasing her lyrical prowess through her music thereby reflecting her thoughts ,emotions and all other related sentiments in her music piece. Simphiwe sings in the genres of Jazz, Afro Soul and…

Rouge – Another Dazzling South African Artist.

Deko Barbara -Jessica Wedi, professionally called Rouge, is a glamorous Congolese -South African rapper, author and a media personality. Rouge is known to deliver her music to the world in the genre of Hip Hop and has signed to the…