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Simphiwe Dana- Another Enthusiastic South African Singer.

Simphiwe Adane, is a South African singer and Songwriter showcasing her lyrical prowess through her music thereby reflecting her thoughts ,emotions and all other related sentiments in her music piece.

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Simphiwe sings in the genres of Jazz, Afro Soul and Traditional music with which she delivers her art mostly in her local dialect, the Xhosa language. Dana is noted for her creative social commentary and activism through music as a political art. She has signed to the record label, Sony Music, after terminating the contract with her former label, Gallo Records.She is currently signed to Sony Music.

Early Life

Dana was born on 23, January,1980 in Butterworth, Transkei, in South Africa and was raised in Lusikisiki.

Dana came from a morally- inclined home with a father being a preacher, it was obvious that she grew up in the church exposing her to choral and gospel music.

She attended Vela Private School and matriculated there in 1997.

She then furthered her education by pursuing a course which earned her a diploma in IT , Information Technology at Wits Technikon in Johannesburg.


After signing a record deal with Gallo Records, she released her debut album, Zandisile in 2004. Other singles followed which earned her numerous awards including Newcomer of the year.


She is a creative advocate of Afrofuturism and Afrofeminism.

In 2013, she exited her former label, Gallo Records, following a delay in the release of her newest album at that time, Firebrand. She then signed to another record label, Sony Music.


Zandisile in 2004.

The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street in 2006.

Kulture Noir in 2005.

Firebrand in 2015.

Bamako (album) in 2015.

Live Albums

An Evening With Simphiwe Dana.

Celebrating Ten Years live at the Bass Line.

The Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience.

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Like all other artists, her music dwells strongly on her upbringing with her mom as her main motivator as she sings so powerfully and tunefully. Simphiwe Dana is accorded as the modern day Mama Africa.

Simphiwe Dana is undoubtedly a headlight of hope to underground artists and all others who deem her as their icon. She has set a pace for all in her genre waiting for upcoming artists to soar higher than she has in the music circle.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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