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Dancehall Music In Ghana

The local Rastafarian communities played a pivotal role in nurturing this bond, and so youth from the Zongo’s began to champion this emerging in African.

Dancehall is a form of Jamaican popular music that emerged from the country’s fertile and diverse music industry in the late 1970’s. Dancehall music borrowed the sinuous rhythms of reggae music but replaced its spirited live musicians with prerecorded or digitally composed tracks built on pure, driving grooves.

The recent explosion of Ghanaian reggae and Dancehall reflects the deeply rooted and still growing influence of Jamaican-inspired popular culture in Ghana today. This genre has been nurtured by local Rastafarian communities and nurtured by youth from the Zongo’s.

Dancehall artists from these groups have adopted similar socio cultural and politically rebellious postures as their counterparts in Jamaica, showcasing Jamaican Patios.

Dancehall began as sound system operators in the 80’s in Jamaica by King Jammy, King Tabby, and Henry Lawes, ‘JUNJO’. Dancehall’s sound was stripped down, reliant on drum and bass lines with minimal further accompaniment and often built on Spartan and the remakes of old reggae rhythms.

Who is the father of Dancehall?

Gerald Bogle Levy is the father of the Dancehall music genre. His love for Dancehall earned him many supporters and proponents.

Who is the queen of Dancehall music?

Grace Latoya Hamilton, professionally known as Spice is a Dancehall artist who has won the hearts of many through the delivery of intriguing music.

Who is the best dancehall artist in Ghana?

Samini, actually known as Emmanuel Andrews Samini, a Ghanaian musical starlet has been adjudged the best Reggae/Dancehall artist of the year at the 2023 edition of the Ghana Music Awards -USA. He was crowned in a category where he was up against Epixode, Shatta Wale, Ras Kuuku, Stonebwoy and Samini are very tough artists in the Dancehall music artistry.

Who was the first Dancehall queen?

Carlene Smith, also known as ‘Dancehall Queen Carlene’, is a Jamaican former dancer and socialite. She began her career in the early 1990’s and is credited as Jamaica’s Dancehall Queen.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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