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Lola Rae- A Mesmerizing Ghanaian-Nigerian Singer with British Decent

Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton, professionally known as Lola Rae,is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter dissipating her thoughts about her themes in her music piece through the use of thought provoking words that resonate with listeners all around the world.

Lola Rae distributes her music in the genres of, Jazz, R&B and Soul.

Early Life

Rachel was born on 20, January, 1991 in Obandele, Lagos, Nigeria.

This talented music star was born to a British father in Obandele in Nigeria . She attained her basic education at St.Saviours School, Ikoyi. She later proceeded to Lekki British International High School in Lagos State. Nonetheless for her college education, a the age of fifteen, she moved to Central Saint Martins to study fashion textiles.

In 2018, she announced the birth of her beautiful daughter .


The beginning of her music journey initially stated with her being a dancer. She was a member of the group, Mystikal, in 2010. This group auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and Simon Cowell, the judge singled the group out to be signed by Syco for a year.

On November 19, 2012, Rae released her debut single titled Watch My Ting Go,and a follow up ingle titled High.


Watch My Ting Go

High ft Bridge

She Knows He Knows

Fi Mi Le

You Know What My Name Is

One Time

Pene Mo




Lola Rae is exceptional in delivering music that resonates deeply with audience and her collaboration with other artists has blurred the line of boundaries in the music artistry thus earning her a greater fan base.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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