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Maya Amolo:The Feminine Voice of Kenya

Maya Amolo, a US based Kenyan singer, song writer and producer has earned herself massive followers by winning the hearts of many in the world through the dispensation of hushed melodies, pensive lyrics and exploring the complex spectrum of love. She dissipates her love entanglement through her music in the genres of Soul, alternative R&B, as well as Afrobeats.

In 2020, she released a debut EP, titled “Leave Me At The Pregame“, which topped most of Kenya’s charts including Kenya’s apple Music R&B rankings. This served as a pioneer step for success in her music career. Maya caught the attention of many music lovers including producers and musicians which her appealing voice and unique and vibrant personality.

This Nairobi-born singer explores the complex spectrum of love through the musical genres she seems best fit. Having gained popular acclaim through her songs like Jokes and I Know, songs that depicts her self acceptance and healing.

Her songs like “Where Ya Been“, “Can’t Get Enough“, “Foundry“, have depicted the welcoming of the sweetest aspects of love entanglement and have pushed her to her apex as these have increased her fan base as her audience resonated deeply with her pieces.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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