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Independent / Indie Record Labels

The sensationalism of music is not credited to the artists only but also the backbone behind the music, the record label which works tirelessly in order to cream these talents, be it innate or acquired. Some artists prefer signing to Independent Record Labels instead of Major Labels. Others initially sign to Independent Record Labels and later to Major Labels, since major labels benefit artists who have already gained stardom.

As the name suggests, Independent Record Labels are small companies that produce and distribute records. Independent Record Labels, sometimes called Indie Record Labels, or Indie Label for short, are described as labels that operate without the funding and distribution of major labels and the labels or artists are represented by trade association which are in turn represented by the international trade body, the Worldwide Independent Network(WIN).

Most artists begin their music career independently by keeping in touch with indie record labels hoping to sign with major record labels.

What puts independent record labels and major labels apart is that major labels owns its distribution channel whereas independent labels with successful artists sign dual release, or distribution only agreements with major labels. Also, they may rely on licensing deals with other labels. Again, major labels fully or partially acquire independent labels.

Indie Record Labels release music in the genres of Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues, Gospel, Reggae, Hip Hop, and World music. These are all referred to as Indie Music.

The Indie Music Labels are a trusted resource for independent artists. They aid in earning royalties, crafting sensational music and a number of other goals that would be of great benefit to both the artist and label.

According to the Association of independent Music (AIM), a major label is a multinational company with more than 5% of the world’s market for the sale of records or music videos.

Most artists prefer independent labels than major labels, due to the benefits and later sign to major labels after gaining popular acclaim. Indie labels involve in the distribution of the sings of artists and a whole lot more.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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