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Prince Indah: King of “Ohangla”

Evans Opiyo Ochieng, popularly known as Janabi Ruoth and known in the Kenyan music scene as Prince Indah is an Afropop artist hailing from Kenya. He is the leader of the Malaika Ohangla Rhumba Band.

Early Life and Musical Genesis

Born on 9 August ,1994, to Mr. Meshack Owino and Madame Caroline Achieng and the third of his parents offsprings. His educational journey began at Dalma Primary School in Huruna.

His life took a turn after the unexpected demise of his dad while in in primary three(3) in 2003. Growing up in Murumba village in Siaya county, he was raised by a single mother, nad was transferred to another school, Oloma Murumba Primary School where he sat for his KCPE, following the death of his dad.

He later joined the Mission of Hope High School in Machakos where he was a member of the Praise and Worship team. He later stopped schooling in form 3 in 2013 due to the health crisis his mom was facing. As a result she couldn’t afford for his needs as a child including his welfare and education so he had to terminate schooling.

He became an orphan in 2014, after his mom gave in to a long term illness. He pursued manual labour in order to fend for himself before deciding to move into the music industry.

Musical Career

Prince Indah, affectionately called was mentored be Emma Jalamo who helped give him the needed guidance required for successful career. He quit school and moved into the music industry where he was paid KSH 9000 every week. Nonetheless, Prince Indah has surpassed his mentor thereby showcasing one of the very rare cases of a student excelling his teacher.

He used the money he earned to form his own musical band, Malaika Musicals Empire. He used to visit the night club every evening after work taking the front seat of the audience in order to observe critically the stage performance of various artists in order to better himself.

Ochieng has displayed his phantasy to his fans though his collaboration with many other renowned artists like Bahati, Khaligraph Jones, Wuod Fibi, Elisha Toto among other renowned counterparts.


  • Duk Jawiro
  • Mummy Chulo
  • Osiepe
  • Hera Ongengu Wuon Go
  • Jogi
  • Nyar Mse
  • Suzzy Susana
  • Sigand Luo
  • Zena
  • Nyar Holuo
  • Chike Hera
  • Mama Watato

Personal Life

Evans Ochieng is married to Nyar Migori with whom he has a daughter named Kamara.

Prince Indah is known as a man who has sailed his way through challenging and bitter times in his life and is an icon and a headlight of hope for all youngsters seeking to make their mark in the music industry wherever. Moving with resilience catapulted with determination any aspiring musician would make it despite the beginnings.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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