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Nameless – The Adamant Kenyan Musical Sensation

David Mathenge, known popularly in the musical artistry as Nameless, delivering intriguing music in the genres of Afropop through the use of tentative punchlines that sink deeply in the hearts of audience not only locally but globally thus earning him more fan base.

Early Life and Musical Beginning

Nameless was born on 1, August 1976, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Not only is he a musician but also a songwriter and very conversant and knowledgeable about the use of instruments such as Keyboard, Sampler and guitar.


Nameless, through his musical talents has paved a way for many artists in the country to gain popular acclaim and get access to opportunities to work with African artists. He rose to fame in 1999 through a star search contest on Kenya&s urban music station Capital F.M which he won with his song “Megarider“. He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in architecture.

Personal life

In 2005, he led Wahu Kagwi to the altar, who is also a musician and have three daughters with.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Boomba Pop during the 2004 Kisima Music Awards
  • Best Male Artist during 2006 Kisima Music Awards
  • Best Afrofusion during the 2006 Kisima Music Awards
  • Best Music Video during the 2006 Kisima Music Awards for the song Sinzia
  • Best Male(Kenya) during the 2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards
  • Best East African Video on Sinzia during the 2007 Channel O Music Awards
  • Best East African Single on Sinzia during the 2007 Tanzanian Music Awards
  • Best Male & Listeners Choice during the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards

Nameless is an inspirational Kenyan male vocalist who has gained popular acclaim not only in their motherland but globally.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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