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Nyashinski – A Kenyan Virile Figure

Nyamari Ongengu, known professionally as Nyashinski, is a Kenyan rapper, singer and a songwriter conveying infectious melodies in the genres of Hip Hop, more specifically Kenyan Hip Hop. Nyashinski is well noted as a confounding member of the infamous trio Kleptomaniax before exiting the group to develop his solo career.

His single released in 2020, depicted his creativity and lyrical prowess as well as his song writing skills and his aggressive street vibes.

Early Life and Musical Beginning

Nyashinski was born in Kisii in Kenya on 8, April, 1981. Originally born Inyanta Nyamari Ongengu announced legally through a gazette notice for the abandonment on the use of his initial first name Inyanta, opted for the use of Nyamari Ongengu.

Prior to moving to Delaware in US with his family where he worked as a truck driver, he was a 21 year old member of the Kleptomaniax. He returned to Kenya to continue his music career.

Personal Life

He married Designer Zia Jekpemel Bett in 2019, who was his long time girlfriend and has welcomed their first offspring in 2020.

The Kleptomaniax

Nyashinski’s music career began as a member of Kleptomaniax, when he was still a high school at Nairobi School, where he met Roba(Robert Manyansa) and Collo(Collins Majale) who carved the name of the music trio, Kleptomaniax in 1999.

Still in high school they released their first song under the label, Ogopa Deejays

, followed by Maniax Anthem and Haree which were all major hits.The group disbanded in 2009 as the members wanted to pursue a solo career.

Solo Career

After having a ten year break from music after the group dissolved, he decided to start his career and released his first solo song “Now You know” which was a big time hit all around Kenya.


Studio Albums

  • Lucky You in 2020

Other Singles

  • Now You Know
  • Mungu Pekee
  • Malaika
  • Hayawani
  • Aminia
  • Bebi bebi
  • Free
  • Hello
  • Finyo
  • Marathon Runner
  • Lift Me Up
  • Balance
  • Properly
  • Top Form
  • Perfect Design
  • Goals
  • Whoopty
  • Show Man
  • Tunnel Vision

Awards and Nominations

During his inclusion in the group they won several awards which is not for just one participant. As a result, awards rewarded to the group is not claimed by an individual.

As a soloist he won the Pulse Music Video Awards for the song “Now You Know”.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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