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Daddy Owen: Kenyan Music Trailblazer

Owen Mwatia, known affectionately in the Kenyan music scene as Daddy Owen, also acknowledged as Papa Lolololo, is a contemporary Christian musical artist known for ferrying the message of love, hope and faith to humanity through the musical genre, Gospel Kapungala.

Early Life And Musical Genesis

Daddy Owen was born in Kakamega in Western Kenya on Friday 1, 1982 and is the second among four brothers who are all gospel musicians and a sister. His elder brother Rufftone is an award-winning gospel musician who Daddy Owen hails as his inspiration.

Daddy Owen attended Eshijiru Secondary School for his secondary education but could nit proceed to the tertiary level as he was facing solemn financial difficulties. As a result upon completion he indulged in menial jobs in order to fend for himself.

He travelled to Nairobi where he worked as a Matatu trout, although he could not provide for himself and his family. He then resulted to pick pocketing which resulted in his near death which transformed his mind completely from his previous lifestyle. During one of his pickpocketing, he was caught and surrounded by an angry mob which resulted in his near lynching and hid loss of one of his sight as one if the angry mob pricked his eye witb a sharp instrument.

He woke up seeing himself at the hospital and decided to turn over a new leaf as he escaped death by a hair’s breadth.

Musical Career

Giving a throwback in high school, he commenced his artistry by writing songs but could not record them due to the financial difficulty that was at hand.

He credits his musical breakthrough from the support of his family especially his elder brother Rufftone and his musical icon the late gospel artist Kaberere.

Daddy Owen released his first album, Haijalishi, in 2004. Some of his songs include “Mbona“, which was coauthored by Denno, Foundation,

Kazi Ya Msalaba“, “Saluti“, “System Ya Kapungala“. He is currently the Praise and Worship leader at Kenya Assemblies of God in Nairobi.



  • Saluti
  • System Ya Kapungala
  • Son of Man
  • Haijaisha


Daddy Owen through his near death experience on that fateful day has seen the essence of helping the underprivileged in the society including those living in poverty.

He is the founder of Malaika Awards which seeks to honor artists with disabilities.

He launched the Macho Macho campaign which is aimed at providing medical attention to those with eye problems in Kakamega.

In 2012, he launched the Second Chance campaign which aims at which is intended to give moral and financial support to cancer victims while creating awareness concerning Cervical cancer.

For Entertainment and sports, he supports the Phoenix football team in Nairobi.

Awards and Recognition

  • He won the Anglophone Award during the MTV Africa Music Awards
  • He won the Artist of the Year during the 2012 Kisima Music Awards

He was married to Farida Wambui which resulted to divorce leaving feelings of regrets in the heart of Mohammed that he should have married earlier before gaining popularity. It is alleged that she divorced him for a wealthier man.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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