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DJ Fita

Kelvin Peter Wanjohi, professionally known as DJ Fita in the Kenyan music artistry. DJ Fita is a DJ, music producer as well as a music journalist hailing from Thika in Kenya. DJ Fita is accorded as one of the best disc jockeys in Africa noted for remixing Kenyan Pop music to house music under the record label Sound Safari.

Early Life and Musical Genesis

DJ Fita was born in 1994 in Makogeni Estate in Thika. For his tertiary education, he graduated with a degree in Information Technology from Jomo Kenyattta University of Agriculture and Technology and a degree in Information Security and Forensics from KCA University.

Music Career

DJ Fita uploaded an unofficial remix for Kooko by Elani on SoundCloud in 2014 . He later joined the EDM Kenya Archived on 15 February 2020 at the Wayback machine, a community-based website that promotes house music and its related artists in Kenya.

Down the lane, DJ Fita released remixes including an unofficial remix for “Doing It Right” by DJ Nruff in July 2016. He later participated in the Chemistry Remix Challenge organized by Tetu Shani . The challenge featured thirty six producers all from Kenya, making it one of the defining tracks of the Nu Nairobi Movement and one f the biggest songs im Kenya.

Awards and Nominations

Hewas nominated for the VJ of the year in 2015 during the annual Stylus DJ Awards and Alternative DJ of the Year 2022 at Cafe Ngoma Awards.


  • Break It All Apart Tour in 2018
  • Sound Safari Tour

DJ Fita’s unquenchable desire to do exploit in the Kenyan music artistry endears him to many across the globe.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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