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Black Sherif – The Unadulterated Voice of Ghana Streets

From the streets of Konongo Zonogo to the world he is known as Black Sherif or Blacko, but he has forgotten where it all began. Born Herman Suede, Black Sherif has emerged as a powerful voice representing the raw and unfiltered narratives of the streets in Ghana. With his unique blend of streetwise lyricism and a distinctive sound that fuses various elements of Afrobeat and drill music, Black Sherif has rapidly risen to prominence, captivating audiences and making an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene.

Black Sherif’s journey into music reflects a narrative deeply rooted in the realities of his upbringing. Growing up in Konongo, a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, he faced the challenges and struggles familiar to many in his community. These experiences became the inspiration for his music, and he found solace and expression through the art of storytelling.

Black Sherif catapulted into the spotlight with his breakout single “Money” in 2021. The track quickly became an anthem for the youth, resonating with its relatable depiction of the pursuit of financial stability and the aspirations of a better life. “Money” not only showcased Black Sherif’s storytelling prowess but also introduced his distinctive style, which seamlessly blends local Ghanaian flavors with the global sound of drill music.

Following the success of “Money,” Black Sherif further solidified his position in the industry with “Second Sermon.” The song, accompanied by a captivating music video, became a cultural phenomenon. Its intense energy, compelling visuals, and unapologetic lyrical content contributed to its virality, earning Black Sheriff widespread acclaim and recognition. With global hits like Soja, Yaya, 45 and the First and Second Sermons, Blacko has cemented himself as a global sensation and place the Ghanaian music

visual for Soja

Black Sherif’s musical style is characterized by a fusion of Afrobeat and drill elements, creating a sound that resonates with both local and international audiences. His ability to seamlessly blend these genres has positioned him as a unique figure in the Ghanaian music landscape, contributing to the evolution of the sound coming out of the country.

His lyrics, delivered in both English and Twi, capture the essence of street life, addressing themes such as poverty, resilience, and the pursuit of success. Black Sherif’s authenticity shines through in his music, reflecting the unfiltered realities of the streets he emerged from.

Black Sherif’s impact goes beyond music; he has become a cultural icon, especially for the youth in Ghana. His unapologetic approach to storytelling has resonated with a generation seeking authentic voices that reflect their experiences. The energy and passion he brings to his performances, both on record and on stage, further contribute to his cultural relevance.

Black Sherif’s journey has not been without its challenges. Like many artists navigating the complex terrain of the music industry, he has faced criticisms, controversies, and the pressure of heightened public scrutiny. However, his resilience and commitment to staying true to his roots have allowed him to overcome obstacles and continue to make waves in the industry. His track Kwaku the Traveller was an instant hit, globally.

Kwaku the Traveller by Black Sherif

As Black Sherif looks to the future, there is anticipation and excitement surrounding his next moves. The attention and accolades he has garnered suggest that he is poised to make a lasting impact not only in Ghana but on the global stage. His unfiltered storytelling, combined with his dynamic sound, positions him as a force to be reckoned with in the ongoing narrative of African music. He said to be working with Fameye his street brother to drop a banger in time for this Christmas.

Blacko’s rise from the streets of Konongo to becoming a musical sensation is emblematic of the power of authentic storytelling in music. As he continues to navigate his path in the industry, Black Sherif stands as a testament to the ability of music to transcend boundaries, amplify unheard voices, and provide a platform for unfiltered expression.

written by Felix Kwasi Annan



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