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From “Oh Yeah” to “Terminator” – King Promise

Gregory Bortey Newman was born on August 16, 1995, in Accra, Ghana, but you know him as “King Promise” and he has established himself as one of the leading voices in the contemporary Ghanaian music scene. With his melodic hooks, and a fusion of Highlife and Afrobeat, King Promise has captivated audiences both locally and internationally, earning acclaim as a versatile and dynamic artist.

King Promise’s musical journey was influenced by a childhood surrounded by diverse musical genres. Growing up in a household that appreciated music, he developed a deep love for melodies and rhythms. Inspired by legends like Osibisa, Amakye Dede, and contemporary artists such as R. Kelly and Bob Marley, King Promise’s early exposure laid the foundation for his unique sound.

King Promise burst onto the music scene with his breakout single “Oh Yeah” in 2017. The song’s infectious melody, smooth vocals, and romantic lyrics quickly endeared him to a wide audience. “Oh Yeah” became a chart-topping hit, signaling King Promise’s arrival as a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian music industry.

His ability to seamlessly blend traditional Highlife elements with modern Afrobeat influences showcased his versatility and contributed to the song’s widespread appeal. “Oh Yeah” not only introduced King Promise to the mainstream but also established his signature style that would become a trademark of his subsequent releases.

King Promise’s debut studio album, “As Promised,” released in 2019, further solidified his status as a leading artist in Ghana. The album featured a mix of love-themed ballads, danceable tracks, and collaborations with other prominent artists. Songs like “Tokyo” featuring Wizkid and “Commando” highlighted King Promise’s ability to craft diverse yet cohesive musical experiences.

His sophomore album, released in 2020, continued to showcase King Promise’s growth as an artist. The album featured collaborations with both local and international stars like Kojo Antwi, Shatta Wale, and Diamond Platnumz. Its success not only reaffirmed King Promise’s position within the Ghanaian music scene but also expanded his reach beyond the borders of West Africa.

King Promise’s music has gained international recognition, contributing to the global appeal of Afrobeat. His collaborations with artists from different parts of the world have added a cosmopolitan flavor to his discography. Working with artists like Mr Eazi, Raye, and Headie One, King Promise has demonstrated his ability to seamlessly integrate his sound into the global music landscape.

Beyond his musical prowess, King Promise has become a style and fashion icon. His distinctive sense of fashion, characterized by colorful prints, trendy accessories, and a charismatic stage presence, has garnered attention on both local and international platforms. King Promise’s image reflects the modern and cosmopolitan spirit of Afrobeat, contributing to his status as a cultural influencer.

King Promise’s impact on the music industry has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations. He has received accolades at major award ceremonies, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. The industry’s acknowledgment of his talent and contributions underscores his significance in shaping the contemporary sound of Ghanaian music.

As King Promise continues to ascend in his career, the future holds promising prospects for this melodic maestro. His commitment to delivering soulful and relatable music, coupled with his international collaborations, positions him as a key player in the ongoing globalization of Afrobeat. His latest song “Terminator” has gained so much traction and can be heard on virtually every speaker you come across. In fact it is one of the songs of the moment with TikToker’s even doing the dance as challenges on the platform giving the song more fame and exposure.

King Promise’s journey from his musical genesis to becoming a chart-topping artist reflects not only his individual growth but also the evolution of Ghanaian music on the global stage. With his soul-stirring melodies and charismatic presence, King Promise stands as a testament to the timeless allure of African music and its ability to resonate with audiences worldwide.

written by Felix Kwasi Annan


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