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Structure of a Major Label

Departments Involved in The Recordings Of Artists

In comparison with the human body or even an institution every hand needs to be on deck for the overall success of the music industry. Every arm needs to play it’s role in the music industry to ensure the fruition of the music group and the overall music industry. In the music industry, there are various departments which work together to promote the brand of an artist in a record label or music group. These include :

Label Liason

A label Liason is a person or a group of people acting as spokesperson between the label they work for and the major record label. They are intermediates between the major music group and it’s sub-music groups.

  • Production Department

The core aim of this department is to manage, record and package recordings on a strict timeline while keeping history on the sale of the recordings in order to know the business sales.

  • Sales and Distribution Department

They ensure the right products are available at the appropriate time to prevent losing money from producing too many records or products less records than needed. Serving as a link between the production team and retailers, they ensure that they are updated on an estimate of the recordings needed in order to distribute to the target vendors.

  • Marketing Department

Their portion is to lead press and promote tours for artists or any other product involved in the music label. They are to increase sales by targeting key demographics.

  • Publicity Department

Publicity Department in a music group aims at increasing the public’s knowledge about a product, event, artists or concerts under marketing. The publicity department is responsible for finding, managing and scheduling opportunities for press. The publicity department seeks opportunities for artists on radio or on streaming platforms in order to garner social image for the signed artist.

  • Promotions Department

This department creates and distributed recordings on analog radio, satellite radio, streaming radio and music videos. This is currently helpful in today’s era. The targets are radio airplay and streaming platforms. This also depends on the type of record deal the artist is involved in. These platforms help spread their products in new creative outlets.

  • International Department

This is linked to artists who have a high social image in the world of music. Artists who have gained popularity and have successfully profited in terms of worth in music and are noted all over the world benefit from international departments. These departments work on the manufacturing, copyright, and distribution of records in international markets. They also work on publicity and promoting the artists as well as organizing tours when the artists leave their country.

  • Artist Development Department

This department is aimed at selling the products, be it the artist, the recording or tours. They specifically have at heart improving the product, artist, that is signed to that very label in order to improve the branding of the artist.

  • Creative Services Department

Their duty is to create the aesthetic of the graphics involved in publicity, sales and the other aspects of the music industry. They are involved in graphic designing, tours props, and a lot more.

  • Artist and Repertoire Department

This department is responsible for finding new artists and convincing them to sign to their label. They organise talent shows, follow up on underground artists and individuals with the innate ability to sing.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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