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BenSoul- Transcending Soul Music

Born Benson Mutuah Muia, on 4, March,1996, a singer and record producer popularly noted as BenSoul, and accorded as one of Kenya’s fastest rising star with sound knowledge on music and it’s related instruments.

Working very hard in order to attain perfection with the use of most musical instruments he came across he is enlisted as one of the musical artists with great knowledge of many instruments such as piano , cello, bass guitar and any other additions that harness the production of music to audience.

Early Life and Musical Genesis

As a little boy growing up in Embu town, he was exposed to music. It is quite undeniable to say that music flows from his bloodstream; taking a look at his mom and dad, they possess unique musical talents that move him to do more. His mum sang in the choir while his dad played the guitar. He was raised up with the gospel music genre among other musical genres. He received motivation from his mom when he decided to venture his energy into music but did not receive the support of his dad as he opposed that idea. He wrote several songs for most successful musicians due t his unique lyrical prowess and his ability to hit the nail on the head without mincing words.

He left the Technical University where he was pursuing a Civil Engineering Program after coming to an understanding that that was where his fate was linked to.

Musical Career

As a result of his deathless zeal to learn new things he got in touch with various music professionals like Hart the Band after completing high school. He later enrolled in Sauti academy, which persuaded Sauti Sol to sign him.


  • Forget You
  • Nairobi
  • Favorite Song
  • Lucy
  • Medicine
  • Peddi
  • Aibu
  • Niombee
  • Like I Did
  • Don’t Question My Love
  • Not Ready
  • I Only Wanna Give It To You
  • That Bell
  • What We Lost

Personal Life

Like most other respected artists, Bensoul prefers to keep his life matters personal and secretive. Noni Gathomi, Bensoul’s former girlfriend found out that he had cheated on her with a Kenyan model, Tiffany Muikamba, with whom he has a child. She is now regarded as “Bensoul’s Baby Mama“.

Due to his immense passion for music and his contact with music professionals BenSoul has grown to become knowledgeable about music despite the fact that it isn’t a clockwork starting as a musician in his motherland, Kenya. He has earned him self a huge number of admirers and followers worldwide.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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