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Setting Up a Record Label

As a music lover with such intense passion for music it would be a move in the right direction venturing into setting up your own record label in an era when technology has rolled up its sleeves; in a world of modernisation where music is now the spark of the world.

Subsequently, it is no doubt that moving into music would be of great relevance as most people are making it in the world of music, talk of fame and wealth.

Here are a few steps to consider towards establishing a record label.

  • Structure the label

The first step is to structure the label. Considerations should be made including budgeting and financing and how to monetize the record label in order to generate profit. One should have accurate knowledge about the type of music genre with their corresponding artists to showcase the label to the world. There are currently a lot of music genres in the world of music. These include Jazz, Soul, House, Amapiano, Dancehall, Reggae, Alté and other awesome genres.

  • Research the market

The next important step is to research the market. There is a need to research the market and know how the preexisting record labels are faring in this genre to enable the aspirant to decide fully and certainly whether he needs to move into it. Record Labels like Mavin Records, MiMlife and the like should be researched on.

  • Assess finances

After making approximations on the financing of the record label, there would be a need to know how to gain financial assistance and support in order to promote the record label. Through the attraction of investors or partners for the overall success of the record label.

  • Define the label’s goal

One of the necessities in every growing business is to know the business’ mission and vision. This enables the staff including the CEO to move in the direction of the group’s purpose to prevent deviation from the purpose of its establishment.

  • Choose a name

Determine the name of the record label. Consider using a catchy theme that would attract the attention of everyone in order to gain stardom. It should be a catchy name which is quite easy to remember to showcase the brand.

  • Purchase equipment

All necessary equipment that would harness the recording of music, as well as its distribution should be purchased to prevent any set backs and retrogression.

  • Hire staff

Technical expertise should be employed in order to facilitate the delivery of quality music. Staff with experience in marketing, artists management, tour and the like should be employed to be able to achieve the record label’s vision by moving along with it’s mission.

  • Search Artists

Searching for artists with the same taste in music as the label is of great relevance as it would ease the recording since there are similarities in interest. The talent search team should organize talent shows in order to get in touch with musically skilled vocalists.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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