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Chris Kaiga- Kenyan Virtuoso

Kaiga Mutundu, affectionately known as Chris Kaiga, is a renowned Kenyan rapper, songwriter as well as producer hailing from Nairobi in Kenya. Chris is an Award-winning Hip Hop artist making his mark in the East African music scene and widely recognised with a distinctive approach towards defying “the usual normal“. He defines his style as a blend of Sheng, uptown beats , conceptual videos as well as his distinct visual flow.

Early life and Musical Beginning

His immense passion for music is rooted on his colorful family upbringing which propelled him to develop a passion towards his now renowned career.

Kaiga’s journey into music can be traced back in 2009, where he had a strong desire for music production which metamorphosed into a better career for him. His debut single was released in 2009, with the assistance of his sound enginer, Asi Akatsa which had him have an alternative in passion for his former aspiration.

Chris has proved his phantasy and style to his dedicated proponents through collaborating with various artists who are also in stardom. This earned him massive followers and admirers. He collaborated with artists like Kahush, Kiloriti, Nyashinski and many other renowned music personalities.



  • Nairobi Girl
  • Ongeza Debe
  • Kanyagia
  • Kengele
  • Kwa Ceiling
  • I Want
  • Niko On
  • Chain Chain
  • Next
  • Konkodo

He was once a member of musical groups thanks to his ideal collaborative abilities. He was a member of SLAPS(Sounds Like A Plan), Usual Suspekts and Kwenye Hii Masaa(KHM). He later took a stand to pursue his solo career in 2018 which made him a household name in Kenya following his hit “Zimenice” in 2019.

Chris Kaiga is upheld in Kenya as one of the country’s rising sound artists due to his unrivaled skill in his lyrical ingenuity and music crafting skills.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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