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Buruklyn Boys: Kenyan Drill Light Up

Buruklyn Boys, a musical group formed in 2019 deriving its name from “Buruburu“, an estate in Kenya. Buruklyn Boys is a product of Buruklyn Records who are emerging in the underground Hip Hop scene.

Buruklyn boys had the street of Nairobi firing with admirers of a new musical breed of drill music. The Buruklyn Boys denote going counter to societal norms, and emerging as one of Kenya’s superstars. They are noted as the prodigious and cutting edge drillers.

The people of Kenya were yearning for a new sound as what was constant was a monotonous everyday music. They were literally in a state of desperation awaiting the arrival of an energetic and vibrant musical genre that would surpass the usual ones. They received this drill music with immense delight.

With the headlights of this musical group being Ajay and Mr. Right, who are both rappers, noted as the hardest drillers in kenya. These historical Two have paved a way other artists seeking to make debut releases.

The members of the historic Buruklyn Boys include Mr. Right(Born Mavin Kamrawo Irungu Nganga, an artist rapper, and a performer hailing from Kenya), Ajay, Coban Dencho, Ali Budzz, Young Louie, Big Yasa, Seth, Buruklyn G, Spinx, Mr. Brown,Wizzo Tano and many other artists.

The Buruklyn Boys logo has been altered in order to speciate itself from all other similar drill artists logos.

Their discography include

  • Nairobi
  • Pree
  • Catalyst
  • Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block
  • Ex
  • Blicky
  • Last Air Bender
  • Delete
  • Ki Dejavu

The Kenyan Drill superstars rose to popular acclaim as one of African most promising talents after releasing their debut album, East Mpaka London, stating explicitly that they aim at setting the mark for African Music as well as the global drill scene.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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