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Nvirii The Storyteller-Kenya’s Musical Warbler

Nvirii the Storyteller, also called Mr. Kitenge is uniquely one of Kenya’s diamonds in its musical artistry. Accorded as a talent hub with a variety of music sensations, Kenya has in it talented vocalists, both innate and acquired, who ferry their music to the world using sensational tunes and thought provoking lyrics leaving a word of thought in the hearts of its massive listeners thus endearing themselves to many listeners and music lovers across the world.

Born Nviiri Sande, a musician, singer, video producer, video editor as well as a songwriter has earned himself many proponents though his captivating melodies and his exceptional musical crooning skills.

Nviiri was born on 19, August, 1991, into a family of two children in which he places second among the offspring of his dad, a mechanic and his mom, a visionary and prayerful person. Born around the location of Busia Border, an breeding arena fir gangsters and raised in East lands in Nairobi, he attended Dagoretti High School which is located in Dagoretti Nairobi for his secondary education. He lost most of his friends as the place was dominated by gangmen. He then proceeded to the university where he studied mechanical engineering. He worked at his father’s workshop but was later fired for singing a lot at work.

Nviiri the storyteller used to listen to music from Celine Dion and the like. During secondary school, be was a very bad singer so he joined certain bands and partook in activities in order to improve his vocal skills. During prep time, at about twenty minutes to the end of prep time, every member of the class would have to sing but due to his ill singing skills he couldn’t participate effectively. He then took to singing just after and before his sleep and learning how to play musical instruments like the guitar. He then joined school band who moved to South Korea and learnt to be a videographer and a video editor.

He later auditioned to be part of Sol generation of the musical group, Sauti Sol. He was then accepted since he was up to the mark. He released few songs under Sol generation including “Pombe Songara” and “FORE” among others under this record label group.

Nviiri the storyteller has been nominated for a number of awards and has achieved the New Artist of the Year during the 2019 Pulse Music Video Awards.

Nviiri The Storyteller previously dated Elodie Zone,,, who was a content creator,Digital Marketing Specialist, Manual health Advocate and a YouTuber. Their relationship later tire into pieces as they could no longer continue.

Currently Nviiri is dating Maisha Worth, who was born Maisha Madrugada who is currently Visual Director, Conservationist, Model and an Influencer. Also the founder of Maisha Madrugada Foundation whose mission is to empower and educate people of the African continent about the relevance of conserving wildlife.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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