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Wakadinali- Vibrant Musical Trio

Wakadinali, also known as Ronge Rende, is a promising Kenyan Hip Hop group based in Eastlands in Nairobi and known for conveying their music through captivating lyrics and unforgettable vibes that resonate in the hearts of respected audience across the globe.

This exquisite group is composed of three vibrant and stunning male personalities namely Scar, Domani, and Sewer Sydaa. With the initial founders as Scar and Domani in 2003 and later Sewer Sydaa this group has left an indelible mark in the Kenyan music scene.

Musical Career

The group showcased their admiration towards music by rapping at tender ages which later led to the formation of the group by Scar and Domani. Initially starting unnoticed, the group coupled with determination continued producing as much songs as possible and is now accorded as one of Kenya’s rap groups.

The group have showcased their versatility and style through the collaboration with different artists like the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Dyana Codes, Twenty Eight’s, Blanco, Abbas and many other renowned Kenyan sensations.



  • Mtoto Wa Mama
  • Ndani Ya Cockpit
  • Wakadinali Ya Cockpit 2


  • Nipeleke na Rada
  • Kovu
  • Chachisha
  • Mangana Manangos
  • My Woman
  • Eastlando
  • Chinja Uwa
  • Zoza Zoza
  • Ulkuwa Wapi
  • Sitafadhali
  • Sitaki Rafiki
  • Starehe Ndani ya Roho

Awards and Achievements

Having been in the music industry for quite sometime now, Wakadinali has received several recommendations from the likes of legendary Hip Hop groups, Mau Mau and Kalama Shaka. During the first Unkut Hip Hop awards in 2019, they won a total of 7 awards including Best Song of the year, Collaboration of the Year, Best Album of the Year among other defining awards.

This awesome group have depicted attire codes worthy of depiction by any individual seeking to make it in the world wide music scene, taken entirely.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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