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Nah Eeto

Nah Eeto, is undoubtedly one of the multi talented artists in Kenya. She catches the attention of her audience with her sensational musical crafting ability as a songwriter, a vocalist, a model as well as a videographer.

This amazing musical artist ferries her message to her committed audience through the Hip Hop music genre and currently signed to Blah Records.

Born in Kenya, Nah Eeto has since lived in Tanzania, UK and Thailand. While working as a videographer in 2017 with the music label, Blah, known for delivery songs based on Hip Hop. She encouraged founder Lee Scot to help her learn to rap. This received positive feedback and resulted to the release of her first single “Wanawake” in 2020. Afterwards she has released various hit singles which account for her prominence in the African music scene. In comparison with other renowned artists, she has showcased her lyrical ingenuity and creativity alongside phantasy and engaging her audience thus, increasing her fan base.

In 2021, she was featured on Tony Allen’s posthumous album “There Is No End“. She has since been applauded for her devastating satirical flow. She was also featured on Kenyan DJ Iche’s mixtape Nai Yetu.

One amazing factor of her lyrical ingenuity is her ease to rap smoothly both in English and Swahili and Sheng which endear her to many and surges her proponents worldwide as she represents the fact that she is a mixed race and has been to several other places.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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