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Boutross: The “Miss Behavior” Hitmaker

Popularly known in the Kenyan music circle as Boutross is originally called Boutross Munene. He is a renowned Hip Hop artist delivering irresistible punchlines that tend to wow his fans with each song dropped.

Boutross culminated his entry in 2013 and has since been successful with multiple releases that reside in the hearts of his audience worldwide. With his brilliance sandwiched with broad appeal, he has won the hearts of many across the universe.

From the first step taken in his musical journey, he has released a number of EP’s, mixtapes as well as albums and Singles which have resonated with his audience everywhere. Boutross has released a number of songs since his entry into music. These include

He is noted for his nudes blazing on the internet which he state later that he was with a video vixen.

Boutross Munene with another release

Likewise he has collaborated with many other renowned artists such as Trio Mio, Juice Mann, Dope I Mean, and many other musical starlets.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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