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Kahush: Kenyan Hip Hop Belter

Kahu Mburu Mutahi, popularly known in the Kenyan music artistry as Kahush, also the youngest son of Kenyan politician and health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

Kahush, as he prefers to be called has earned himself massive followers through the dispensation of mind blowing lyrically coined taglines through his profession as a Trap/Rap/Sharp artist.

Kahush has showcased his versatility alongside his lyrical ingenuity to all music lovers across the globe thus earning him more proponents with each release in the music artistry.

Kahu has released a number of hit songs including

  • Wacha Stress
  • Lookin’ Gooood
  • Kiasi Kidogo
  • Sad Sad Sad
  • Wishlist
  • Used To….
  • In A Rush..
  • Double Double
  • Such a Beau…
  • Shenzi Type
  • Mastingo
  • The Sauce
  • Uptown Chokoraa
Kahush- Misiweze

Like all other artists, Kahu has showcased his versatility with many other renowned artists including Xenia Manasseh, Chris Kaiga, Boutross, Steph Kapela, Chris Kaiga among other phenomenal artists.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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