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Mercy Masika- Soft and Outspoken Gospel Vocalist

Born Mercy Masika, is an audacious gospel singer, songwriter, composer as well as a performer hailing from Kenya. Mercy transports her message of faith, love and peace in the gospel music genre through the use of soul-lifting dictions and melodious tunes that leave messages sinking deep in the hearts of her listeners worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Mercy is a gifted singer who at an early age and in class six was greatly moved to release her first single. She released it with her mum and Helena as she was very young yet poised.

Mercy is of the Kamba tribe. Mercy changed schools as a result of the instability of her dad’s job. They were always on the move relocating to new sites closer to her dad’s workplace but finally settled in Machakos.

Mercy commenced her educational journey at Kamuthatha Girls Primary School in Embu and later proceeded to Machakos Primary. She later attended Daystar University for her college education. She pursued a course in community development while working on her sixth album.

She credits her love for music to her mum Agnes who is also a singer. Her mum was the name behind the KBC program of Yore, Sing and Shine. As a result they were exposed to the public and partook in different shows where they were opportune.

Musical Career

Mercy is is the worship leader at Jubilee Christian Church (JBC). He music is no doubt inspired by the word of God and the Holy Spirit.

The album she released in class six featured her mum, Agnes and Helen Mwale, titled “Nobody Like Jesus“. She later released her second single, “Roses Will Bloom Again” which was featured and priduced by Robert Kugame.

Her gift was greatly seen by all when she entered College thanks to the talent show opportunities at school. She met Robert Kamanzi, through which the song, “Wendo Waku” which was sang majorly in Swahili and earned her popular acclaim through its release.

Awards and Achievements

  • Artist of the Year in 2008 during the Groove Awards
  • She was the partner, manager, and ambassador for CIM
  • Song of the Year during, for “Mwema“, during the Mwafaka Awards



  • Nobody Like Jesus
  • Sophomore


  • Huyu Yesu
  • Mwema
  • Shule Yako
  • Nikupendeze
  • Divai
  • Nivute
  • Upendo
  • Mkono Wa Bwana
  • Wastahili
  • Nisamehe
  • He Never Lie
  • Ahsante

Near Death Accident

Mercy Masika, was involved in a road accident along the Thika Super highway after a truck smashed her salon car from behind. Thankfully, she didn’t sustain any serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital and later discharged.


Mercy Masika met David Tim Muguri in 2007 at a wedding reception in Lang’ata where she was performing and her husband, David a videographer at the venue. Lenana Boys High School was the venue where the marriage took place. The couple have been blessed with two children.

Mercy Masika is one of the most inspirational and insightful women in Kenya talk of gospel within the Kenyan music scene with an immense ato minister to people in order to draw them closer to the creator of the universe.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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