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Guardian Angel- Kenyan Gospel Maestro

Audiphaxed Peter Omwaka, popularly known as Guardian Angel, is one of Kenya’s shining stars as he delivers soul lifting melodies and touching the hearts og millions of people irrespective of the continent.

He is also noted for his romantic relationship with his fellow Gospel Singer, Esther Musila, who is nineteen years older than he is and with three grown children aged 29, 26 and 22.

Early Life

Born in Kenya and raised by a single mother in kitale, Peter lived with his mom, who got pregnant once again with the baby denied paternity. She dropped out of college due to her immediate situation and was told to go to her “baby daddy” by her mom, as this was her first pregnancy without the father owning up for her unborn child. Fortunately she got a friend to stay with till she birthed her son.

She then returned guardian to her mum, that is Guardians Grandma, who took care of him since she found a new job. She was later told to search for Guardian’s father in order to own a land as a family heir.

As a result, he was left to his own fate on the streets due to the rejection he encountered from his family including his biological dad. At a period when his mum had lost her job and was homeless, he had to make ends meet for himself. His only way of surviving was through dumping garbage and letty donations from people who sympathized with him. His life was transformed when he was taken to Ahadi Children’s Home.

Musical Career

His passion for music was sparked after he entered the Children Home making him who he is today; a respected gospel personality not only in the Kenyan Musical Scene but the African and global music scene taken entirely.



  • Wakati Wangu
  • Nadeka
  • Kuongozwa
  • Utafurahi
  • Hadithi
  • Swadakta
  • Wema Mako
  • Rejea
  • Mercy

Awards and Achievements

He won the Male Gospel Artist of the Year by Groove Awards in 2018 making him one of the celebrated artists in Kenya today.

Personal Life

Audiphaxed Peter Omwaka is married to Esther Musila with three grown children as mentioned earlier. He caused stirs on social media when his relationship was brought to air which received several positive and negative response from his admirers and netizens as well.

Guardian Angel is one of Kenya’s celebrated personalities with over forty released in the Kenyan music industry.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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