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Size 8: Kenyan Musical Vocalist

Linet Masiro Munyali, known professionally as Size 8, is an elegant female vocalist, songwriter and an actress hailing from Kenya. She conveys her music to the world in the musical genres Afropop, R&B, Contemporary Christian Music and Urban Gospel. She is one of the musical crooners who have diverged from transcending secular music to gospel music.

Early Life

Linet was born in Maringo estate on 4 August 1987 and the sixth born of six other siblings born to a Ugandan father and a Kenyan mom.

In her high school days, she got a scholarship in State House Girl and later moved to the Hillcrest School.

Musical Career

Size 8, affectionately called was discovered by Clemon, a Kenyan producer and cofounder of Calif Records, when she auditioned and was later signed on the record label.

Munyali confirmed in 2018 that she had been born again and had changed from secular music to gospel music in April. A number of songs released under this shift include “Mateke” “Moto” “Yuko Na Wewe” “Jemeradi” “Afadhali Yesu” among others.


  • Shamba Boy
  • Silali
  • Vidonge


  • Mashtaka

Awards and Recognition

Liney has been nominated for a number of awards including Female Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Video of the Year on Mateke. She won the Video of the Year on Mateke in 2014 during the Groove Awards.

Net Worth

Size 8 has a net worth of an estimated $ 5 million as at 13th January 2024.

Personal Life

In September 2013, after her shift in her music genre, she was led to the altar by Samuel Muraya, also known as DJ Mo. They are married with two beautiful children.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah



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