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Bahati- A tongue of Music Crafting

Kelvin Kioko Bahati, known in the Kenyan music circle as Bahati, has earned himself popular acclaim in the dispensation of sensational music through the gospel music genre spreading the usual message of love, hope and faith to his admirers and all who hail him as their iconic figure and mentor. He is one of the best definitions of “Destined to greatness despite “.

Early Life and Musical Beginning

Bahati was born on December 22, 1993 in Makueni County and is of the tribe Kamba. Bahati’s childhood is indeed a story to tell. Growing up with his dad and stepmom after the death of his mom and ending up on the streets in order to fend for himself.

His mum died when he was seven years old, leaving him in the care of his dad. However his dad abandoned him after marrying another woman a few months after the death of his mom. He had no option than to fend for himself by hanging around on the streets.

Later he ended up in an orphanage and attended Nakeel boys in Kajiado and proceeded to St. Theresa Boys in Eastleigh for his secondary education.

Musical Career

Bahati came into limelight after releasing his hit song “Mama“, a song he wrote after the departure of his mom at an early age of seven.

Bahati dispenses music characterised by African rhythms and a blend of Hip Hop and R&B with motivational and inspiring messages in the contemporary gospel music genre aimed at creating exceptional sounds that resonate with audience.


Like most successful artists, Bahati has showcased his lyrical warbling skills and his creativity to all music lovers. He has also proved his worth and versatility by collaborating with many other artists both in gospel music and other music genres such as Gloria Muliro, Willis Waburu, Size 8, Willy Paul and Mejja, Tanasha Donna, Mr. Seed, Prezzo and many others.


  • Mukando
  • Tanuia
  • Sweet Darling
  • Kiss
  • Adhiambo
  • Size Yangu
  • The One
  • Wanani
  • Mtaachana Tu
  • Pete Yangu
  • Mama
  • Bora Nife
  • Ching Ching
  • Lala amka
  • Bambika
  • Fanya Mambo
  • Diana
  • Nowe Sweety
  • Take It Slow
Take It Slow By Bahati

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his musical career he has received many rewards in the form of awards. He has won awards such as Artist of the Year, Gospel Artist of the Year, Gospel Song of the Year, Best Male Artist, Video of the Year and many more during awarding events like Groove Awards.

Personal Life

Bahati formerly married Yvette Obura, but the two divorced on unknown reasons withheld from the public. They both have a child, a daughter, Mueni Bahati, who they are co-parenting. She also found her better half after staying single for a while.

Bahati openly tendered his interest in dating Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael. On his social media page, the award winning Gospel musician showcased his interest in the Tanzanian actress and asked Tanzanian radio presenter Millard Ayo to help him reach the message to her. He told his fans he would be excited to go on a date with the aforementioned Tanzanian actress.

He is currently married to Diana Marua his heartbeat living a luxurious life. Diana Marua, who is two years older than Bahati, has a history of dating sponsors. The two have two children together namely Heaven Bahati and Majesty Bahati.

Apart from his three adopted children, Rose Bahati, Morgan Bahati, and Purity Bahati, he has three kids who are his biological offsprings namely Mueni Bahati, Heaven Bahati and Majesty Bahati.

In addition, he wishes his mom every year despite her passing away stating that h was the one who brought him to this earth. He doesn’t interact with his step mom as she calls him “a devil worshipper“.

Bahati is undoubtedly one of the richest musicians in the Kenyan music scene who earns millions from his music, TV shows as well as other businesses and is an inspiration to many youngsters seeking to make it in life.

Though his beginning was very humble he is now one of the richest singers in Kenya attesting to the fact that no matter your beginning one can make it with hardwork and determination. Bahati has really made millions in the music industry through his music.

written by Ruth Ama Onumah


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